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Reishi Spore Powder

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Reishi Spore Powder Caps.

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Reishi Extract Powder

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Reishi Spore Oil

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Reishi Spore Oil Softgel

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Trustworthy Reishi Brand – EcoGano

Long History

Since 1688, Mao’s ancestors cultivated reishi in Taoyuan Cave using ancient methods.

Premium Strains

G-L8 strain, cultivated from Wuyi Mountain wild reishi as the first generation mother.

Core Area

Imitative Wild Cultivation Base in Wuyi Mountain’s original ecological forest area.

Standard Procedure

Strictly implement the organic reishi cultivation process SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)

1pc of Big Duanwood

Only 1pc of reishi is cultivated on 1pc of big duanwood, offer enough supplement for reishi growth.

Two Years and Four Years

One land will be recuperated by grass, fruit, other plants growing and poultry feeding for 4 years.

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Rave Reviews from Customers

Our reishi products have received rave reviews due to their good medicinal functions with significant improvements in their health conditions such as enhancing immunity and protecting the liver. Consumers also sent us hundreds of letters of thanks to share their joy with us. Similarly, foreign consumers also expressed their gratitude to us.

Average Rating: 5 stars

Reishi Spore Powder Capsule

Thank you for your reishi spore powder capsule, which allow me to sleep longer every night, from the usual 3-4 hours to 5-6 hours, and sometimes up to 7 hours.
Mr Sam
69 Years Old

Reishi Spore Powder Capsule

Helped me reduce the number of nocturia from 4-5 times a night to 2-3 times, sometimes only 1 time. Alleviates my nighttime worries.
Mr Song
73 Years Old

Reishi Spore Oil Softgel

I need to take medicine all year round, thanks to your reishi spore oil softgel, it help me reduce chemical liver damage caused by drugs and improve liver function.
Ms Liao
70 Years Old