School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (SPS) in Xiamen University (XMU) – EcoGano biomedical R&D center

After years of cooperation, EcoGano and School of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Xiamen University jointly established biomedical research and development center, in-depth study of the core pharmacological components of Wuyi reishi, Wuyi Mountain Chinese herbal medicine development, natural anti-cancer drug research and other development projects. The center has became the backbone of the West Side of the Straits to overcome Chinese medicine scientific research problems, also will be new hope to defeat cancer and other major diseases.

The R&D center brings together top scientific research personnels in China, including authoritative experts from Chinese Academy of Sciences, Medical College of Xiamen University, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Xiamen University, Fujian Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine Research, Fujian Medical University and other national key scientific research units.