Layout of EcoGano Domestic Market

Over the years, EcoGano has explored nationwide marketing channels including more than 100 specialty stores and inner shops of super malls. It also has Tmall flagship store, Jingdong flagship store and other internet sales platforms. The products are sold in  Beijing Tongrentang, Ruilaichun Tang, Shanghai medicine, Ley’s, Yiling healthy city and other well-known chain stores.

Our Main Clients and Partners

Tasly Pharmaceutical Group, leading Chinese medicine enterprise

Tongrengtang, Chinese time-honored medicine brand with over 300 years of history

LEY’S, Chinese century-old TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine) enterprise

Domestic Specialty Store

EcoGano specialty stores can offer leisure and health living way and Wuyi reishi product experience to consumers. The store all has ancient Chinese style decoration, consumers can taste ganoderma tea, ganoderma alcohol, and enjoy family health therapy, chess and card activities, also learning PengZu health culture and health keeping knowledge. More important, they can get favorable discount through accumulated score.