Reishi and Plant Extract Workshop

Supercritical CO2 extraction workshop

Ethanol tower-gradient percolation workshop

Plant extract workshop

GMP Workshop with 0.1 Million Grade

Resihi spore powder shell-broken workshop

Hard capsule production line

Softgel production line

Reishi GMP workshop includes facilities for supercritical carbon dioxide extraction, ethanol towergradient percolation, spore shell-broken, fruit body crushing, and manufacturing soft and hard plant capsules, powders, granules, pills, oral liquid, tablets products and so on, the purification standard has reached 0.1 million grade.

EcoGano has Reishi GMP Workshop in the health industry park also has long term cooperation with other GMP factories to meet various demands of reishi products from all over the world. 

QC Testing Center

The infrastructure, personnel, hardware and software are all in accordance with demands of pharmaceutical production management standards and can meet the drug quality management level.

There 12 functional areas in the testing center, such as physical & chemical lab, general instrument room, precise instrument room, micro-organism check out room, sample room etc. The center is equipped with HPLC (UV detector, evaporative light-scattering detector and diode array detector), gas chromatography and other advanced testing instrument.

Effective detection and strict control of harmful material residues, such as pesticides, heavy metals and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, to ensure the products are organic, natural, healthy and safe.