Reishi Spore Powder 500g/bag

◆  Only use first time reishi spore powder released
◆  100% Pure and Organic
◆  99.7% shell-broken rate
◆  Medicinal efficacy is 75 times of furit body
◆  Reishi polysaccharide 2%, reishi triterpene 18.2%

Learn more about our organic reishi base

Reishi spore is the seed (concentrated essence) of reishi, approximately only 1kg reishi spore powder can be released from 1,000 kgs of fruit body.
It contains abundant reishi polysaccharides, reishi triterpenes and other active ingredients. The medicinal efficacy is 75 times of reishi fruit body.
It is highly valuable with a good reputation of“golden seed“.

The product is made of reishi spore powder released by organic reishi from EcoGano reishi base (3 years broadcasted by CCTV2)

 Health Benefits of Resihi Spore Powder 

Product Feature

1. High Quality

Only use first time reishi spore powder released from reishi fruit body

2. High Purification

Remove the shrunken spores with lower maturity, with 300 mesh filtering and fingerprint atlas grading technology

3. High frequency oscillation low temperature physical shell-broken

The spore of reishi only could achieve better absorption in human body by breaking the shell.
This technology can shorten the breaking time and preserve the active components in reishi spore powder, also make them be easily absorbed

4. Shell-broken rate 99.7%

Contact us for full test report.

5. Dispersion after shell-broken
6. Optional sterilization according to the requirement of different market   

Microwave Sterilization

Irradiation Sterilization

Quality Control

Advanced test equipment and strict procedure

Main Material

100% organic reishi spore powder


500g/bag, 1kg/bag

Active Ingredient

Reishi polysaccharide 2%, reishi triterpene 18.2%

Suitable for

Those with low immunity

Not Suitable for

Children, pregnant women, lactating women, organ transplant patients, patients with gout, bleeding tendencies and bleeding disorders


2g per time, 2 times one day

Shelf Life

2 years


Cool and dry place


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