Health Benefits of Reishi Spore Powder

The main components of reishi spore powder

Reishi polysaccharide

It can improve immunity system, lower blood pressure, prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases, accelerate blood microcirculation and increase blood oxygen supply capacity, etc

Reishi Triterpenes

It is a kind of important pharmacological component of reishi, which plays an important role in anti-tumor and helps anti-inflammatory, analgesic, sedative, anti-aging, anti-anoxia, etc. It promotes lymphocyte proliferation and improves phagocytosis and lethality of macrophages, NK cells, and T cells, then boost immunity system

Improve microcirculation, lower cholesterol, avoid hardening of the arteries

Strengthen liver, spleen and gastrointestinal functions, improve the operation of digestive organs

Lowers blood’s neutral fat content and prevents fatty liver

Protects the liver from chemical damage caused by drugs and alcohol, with detoxification effect

Natural organic active ingredient

It can increase human blood supply, promote blood metabolism, eliminate free radicals in the body, and prevent cell aging

Depress blood pressure, diuresis, analgesia

Inhibit the deterioration and spread of cancer cells

Trace element selenium

It can prevent cancer, reduce pain, prevent prostate lesions

Reishi spore powder also can help you calm your stress without draining you of your energy completely, reduce your anxiety and depression, help you sleep well at night, especially works good for the people at 70~80 age.

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