Red Reishi Powder 500g/bag

◆ 100% Pure and Organic
◆ Modern ultra-cell crushing technology
◆ Reishi polysaccharide 4.5%, reishi triterpene 1.6%

Learn more about our organic reishi base


The product is made from organic reishi of EcoGano reishi base (3 years broadcasted by CCTV2)

Health Benefits of Red Reishi

Product Feature

1. Special Technique

Adopt modern ultra-cell crushing technology at the normal temperature

2. No impurities

Keep nutrient components, integrity and the nature of ganoderma original ingredients.

3. Optional sterilization according to the requirement of different market 

Microwave Sterilization

Irradiation Sterilization

Product Package

2 options: Aluminum foil bag + carton / paper tube

Quality Control

Advanced test equipment and strict procedure

Main Material

100% organic red reishi grinding powder


500g/bag, 1kg/bag

Active Ingredient

Reishi polysaccharide 4.5%, reishi triterpene 1.6%

Suitable for

Those with low immunity

Not Suitable for

Children, pregnant women, lactating women, organ transplant patients, patients with gout, bleeding tendencies and bleeding disorders


2g per time, 2 times one day

Shelf Life

2 years


Cool and dry place


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