Reishi Spore Oil Softgel 30caps./bottle

◆ 0.5g/capsule 30capsule/bottle
◆ Reishi triterpene 28.8%
◆ Bitter taste and pure substance
◆ “tower gradient percolation method” patent technology
◆ Boost immunity system, protect liver and improve liver fuction


The product is made of EcoGano reishi spore oil

Health Benefits of Reishi Spore Oil

Passed health food (blue hat) certification country food healthy character G20080602

Capsule Production 0.1 Million Grade GMP Workshop

Quality Control

Advanced test equipment and strict procedure

Main Material

100% organic reishi spore oil



Active Ingredient

Reishi triterpene 28.8%

Suitable for

Those need liver protection and liver function improvement

Not Suitable for

Children, pregnant women, lactating women, organ transplant patients, patients with gout, bleeding tendencies and bleeding disorders


2capsules per time, 2 times one day

Shelf Life

2 years


Cool and dry place


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