Reishi Extract Powder 500g/bag

◆ 100% Pure and Organic
◆ 1:0.05 extraction
◆ Keep original flavor and active ingredients of fruit body
◆ Without any dextrin nor starch

2 Specfications
1. reishi polysaccharide 10%, reishi triterpene 5% (water extraction + enzymatic extraction)
2. reishi polysaccharide 9%, reishi triterpene 8% (water extraction + ethanol extraction)

We also could customize reishi polysaccharide 5%, 10% 15%  extract and reishi triterpene 5%, 10%, 15% according to requirement from clients, start from price USD35/kg

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Reishi extract powder, after fruit body of Ganoderma Lucidum (red reishi) crushed, adopt ethanol extraction and water extraction, powdery material is obtained through vacuum concentration and spray drying, which is the essence of red reishi.

The content of active ingredients like sterols, amino acids, proteins, polysaccharides and triterpenoids are more easily absorbed, which has been widely used in clinical medicine.

The product is extracted from organic reishi of EcoGano reishi base (3 years broadcasted by CCTV2)

Health Benefits of Red Reishi

Product Feature

1. Special Technique

Ethanol extraction first, then water extraction, to make both content of polysaccharides and triterpenoids high

2. Double ethanol extraction

At least double ethanol extraction with different concentration ethanol, to extract more active ingredients

3. High Purity

Without any dextrin nor starch,  high reishi triterpene content, 11%

GMP Factory

The GMP Extraction Workshop is an intelligent auomatic extraction production workshop and the whole producing procedure is real-time operated and controlled by computer in the occ (Operating Control Center). This can maximally reduce the human error and risk, thus to ensure the product quality is uniform, stable and safe.

The sealed pipelines can effectively prevent microbial contamination, the container and pipe that directly contact with materials are all made of stainless, this can avoid the poisonous and harmful residues, such as plasticizer, etc.

Product Package

2 options: Aluminum foil bag + carton / paper tube

Quality Control

Advanced test equipment and strict procedure

Main Material

100% organic reishi extract powder


500g/bag, 1kg/bag

Active Ingredient

Reishi polysaccharide 10%, reishi triterpene 5%
Reishi polysaccharide 9%, reishi triterpene 8%

Suitable for

Those with low immunity

Not Suitable for

Children, pregnant women, lactating women, organ transplant patients, patients with gout, bleeding tendencies and bleeding disorders


2g per time, 2 times one day

Shelf Life

2 years


Cool and dry place


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