500 Acres of Organic Reishi and Chinese Herbal Medicine Cultivation Base

Organic reishi bases of EcoGano are mainly distributed in XingTian, FengGu, WuTun, DaAn, WuFu primeval forest around Wuyi Mountain.

Dig duanwood Imitative Wild Cultivation, only 1pc of reishi is cultivated on 1pc of big duanwood,”Two Years and Four Years” cultivation principle, to learn more about our organic reishi base.

Good medicinal function reishi spore powder released from dao di wuyishan reishi.

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High triterpene reishi spore oil extracted from good medicinal function reishi spore powder

◆ Reishi triterpene 28.8%
◆ Bitter taste and pure substance
◆ “tower gradient percolation method” patent technology

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Our reishi spore oil is 100% pure with 28.8% reishi triterpene (SGS report), and it is very good for human liver health (which can protect the liver from chemical damage caused by drugs and alcohol, with detoxification effect) and help anti cancer, boost immunity, gets the amazing feedback from UK market. If you want to know more about this, please feel free to contact us.