Our organic reishi tea is 100% pure with reishi polysaccharide 4.5%, reishi triterpene 1.6%, and its taste is a bit bitter, which is very good for daily health care.

We are a professional wholesale supplier of reishi tea and a leading OEM manufacturer. We have our own factory and can provide reishi tea products in various specifications and packaging. As an exporter and company specializing in reishi tea, we adhere to principles of high quality and reliability, exporting reishi tea products to destinations worldwide.

500 Acres of Organic Reishi and Chinese Herbal Medicine Cultivation Base

Organic reishi bases of EcoGano are mainly distributed in XingTian, FengGu, WuTun, DaAn, WuFu primeval forest around Wuyi Mountain.

Dig duanwood Imitative Wild Cultivation, only 1pc of reishi is cultivated on 1pc of big duanwood,”Two Years and Four Years” cultivation principle, to learn more about our organic reishi base.

Our 100% pure and organic reishi tea

◆ Modern herb crushing technology

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